Our Mission

Re-Imagining Education as a Joyous Process!


We are delighted to develop and share an intellectually driven, creative arts approac to education that promotes academic excellence, stimulates inquiry-based thinking, fosters creativity, empowers individuality,nurtures human relationships and

inspires a growing passion for learning!


Founded on the intersect between creative expression and neuroscience, our unique, child-centered approach to academic instruction and learning re-images education in a changing world!


The BEST of the new national standards with NO standardized or state testing!

Our Approach

Children at the New York State accredited Kid Esteem Montessori and Elementary School, develop a deep understanding of who they are as learners. As they explore the world around and within themselves, our atudents acquire the skills and internal motivation to pursue their ideas and inquries with depth and breadth. They are encouraged, during every encounter in the classroom and school enviorment, to bring their unique points of view to both academic and social challenges with thoughtful reflection, creativity, humor, joy and celebration. The Kid Esteem School incorporates and often surpresses all New York State and national curriculum standards. 

*Higher Learning Concepts

*Critical Thinking Skills

*Creative Problem Solving


...Our Specialities!

The Kid Esteem School

175 South 11th Street

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