Grades 1 - 8

Children in our New York State accredited Elementary School program participate in SMALL CLASSES geared toward individualized instruction.

Academic Excellence with NO state or standardized testing!

Our whole child, multi-sensory approach to the academic curriculum utilizes the creative arts as a vehicle for inspiring personal, meaningful connections to reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies and physical education that meet and often surpass New York State and Common Core standards.

Kid Esteem Elementary students receive individualized reading and writing instruction everyday!

Math and science is a hands-on, exploratory process!

Academic instruction at the Kid Esteem Elementary School is inspired by our backgrounds as drama therapists. Our social studies program creates virtual communities in which students 'live' and learn.

The photos below show structures built by the children for their virtual communities. The text underneath further describes the process.

Drama therapy provides an active, experimential approach to facilitating growth and development. When applied in a classroom setting, drama engages a multi-sensory learning experience, activates a wide range of cognitive functions and integrates academic information within a personally meaningful framework. The above photos from our Social Studies program, show "houses" and "places of business" that the children develop, build, and then "live" in fora number of weeks. The children conduct extensive research to create the towns and assume the roles of the people who live and interact in the virtual community. The dramatic interaction then prompts further study of geography, history, economy, government, culture, citizenship, reading, writing, math, science and problem solving. Through a range of dramatic techniques that includes historical story-making, character development, purposeful improvisation and thematic enactment, students are taught to master concepts and materials of the academic curriculum in a manner that stimulates intellectual curiosity, empowers individuality, and promotes social emotional learning. 

Along with our academic focus, we also provide exciting enrichment experiences throughout the year. Special and ongoing programs we have offered during the school day include:

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)






Outdoor Nature Science Classroom



Story Writing

After School Clubs and activities

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